We’re proud of our roots and we would like to tell you something about it. The Alexander Hotel was built by Mr and Mrs Balk in 1987. The hotel was named after their son Alexander. In the first years, the hotel accommodated many beach tourists who stayed for several weeks on end in the spring and summer. Gradually, the hotel also became an attractive meeting place for businesses and congresses. In 2008, son Alexander Balk took over the hotel together with his wife, Ingrid. In the meantime, the hotel expanded by adding its own trendy beach club and – after extensive renovation – restaurant Dylans, named after the son of Alexander and Ingrid, was established in 2016. Dylan. So the family tradition continues.

Our hotel is a family business in several aspects. This due not only to the roots and traditions. Our employees, too, have been the friendly familiar faces of the Alexander Hotel for many years.

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